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How do I get a hard copy of Outlook 365? To download the software, follow the steps below. You can also back up all of your email items, including contacts and calendar. In addition, you can use AutoArchive to back up older items. This feature will move and delete them if they're too old to be useful. It also lets you export your contacts and calendar into a file. Regardless of which option you choose, there are many benefits to using the program.

First, you need to download the email messages from your Office 365 account to your computer. After that, you need to save them in a.pst file. Exporting the files is a risky process as you could lose some of their formatting and folder hierarchy. Furthermore, PST file size is limited in older versions of Outlook, so if you want to download your emails, you should make sure you have a large enough hard drive.

After the download, you can open the file in Microsoft Office Outlook to view the emails and attachments. Once you have the files, you can open them in Outlook and start reading them. To save the emails, you can use Outlook to save them to your computer. You can also view your Office 365 email in a different format. However, if you use an old version of Outlook, you should keep in mind that you cannot move them to another computer.

How to print emails in outlook 365:

After you have copied your Outlook 365 mailbox to your computer, you can open it in Microsoft Word to print it out. After that, you can open the file in Microsoft Word and select the format you want to save as a PDF. When you are done, you can then print it out and send it to anyone you want. It's as simple as that. Now, all you need to do is save your emails and folders to your computer.


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