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Easy And Inexpensive Ways To Refresh Your Walls

Getting fed up with your old space? Don’t hesitate to try something new with your walls. It will definitely make a difference if you try the recommended ways below.

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  • Repainting:

Wall can easily get dirty over time. If your wall is getting darker or even if you just get bored with the current wall color, think about repainting your wall by yourself. It is not only about changing the look of the room. Painting can be a good therapy for reducing stress. Imagine how relieved you are after finishing the wall on your own.

The first step to take when you decide to repaint your room would be choosing the color theme. It would be a piece of cake if you reach out to the Internet and search for some common or outstanding color palettes. It will help you define the colors that go well together. You can plainly paint the wall in one color or make it color-blocked. There are thousands of styles on the Internet. Spend your time researching, you will find your best choice.

  • Using wallpapers:

If wall painting is too much for you, using wallpapers would be a better choice. Installing wallpapers is much simpler than painting. Go to the market and find your favorite wallpaper and follow instructions to hang them up. Wallpapers provide a wide range of patterns in various styles. Be prepared! You will get lost in its diversity.

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  • Hanging up some decorative items:

Among all the methods to refresh the wall, making use of decorative items is the most common way. It is not only budget-friendly but also very time-saving. Large-scale arts, gallery of picture frames, mirrors, lights, shelves, plants, white boards, etc. can all become useful in transforming your room. Challenging your artistic and creative sense would be a really fun thing to do.

  • Customizing your dense partition wall:

Normal dense walls such as brick, concrete, wooden or even dry walls will somehow shrink your room from the look since they completely separate your space into parts. Let’s customize your wall to expand the space.

The tip here is not to put on a completely dense wall. Try to make it more open by replacing the dense wall with some other kind of materials such as glass. With a glass wall, it would look like there is no separation. If you are afraid of the privacy of among rooms, a curtain can help. Bookshelves can also be a good partition. Remember not to put books full of the shelves. Giving some space for a flower vase or lamp would make it more eye-relaxing. Plants, twinkling led lights, ropes and strings should also be added up to your choices

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  • Changing the wall to a recessed closet or wardrobe:

This would be the best idea for a modest and dimly lit room. A built-in closet or wardrobe not only refreshes the look of the room but also creates your storing space, enlarging your physical area. You can even make a sofa bed from the hole in the wall next to the cabinets. It will surely look much more interesting.


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