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Wondering Between Red And Green Laser Levels? Read This Now!

Lasers that are red or green can be found in several stages. While red is still the most popular and cost-effective alternative, the abundance of green lasers may make you worry if you've chosen the best product. So what's the big deal with red and green laser levels? This quick guide below shows you how to select the best laser level for the money. If you are looking for the best green laser level to buy but having no idea which one is good. Let us show you.

#1 - Red vs. Green Beam:

The main difference between these two rays is that the green light is more visible than the red one. Many studies have confirmed that our eyes can see the green beams clearer, brighter, and 30% crisper than the red laser lines. Therefore, a green beam laser level is the most suitable product if you work in a construction place.

Red beams:

Red lasers can still deliver pinpoint precision. They don't have the same range as green lasers, but you can improve and expand it with a laser detector. The advantages of a red laser are that it usually has a longer battery life than green lasers because they don't require as much power and are almost always cheap. They're also harmonious with a wide range of receivers because most receivers won't work with green lasers.

Green beams:

This is incredibly useful for work all year, rain or shine, indoors and out. In broad daylight and direct sunshine, green lasers are far more efficient and noticeable. They can also traverse greater distances, which is why they are so common on construction sites. Because they have more components and more dependable laser diodes than red, they are more expensive.

#2 - Laser level review:

After figuring out the differences between the red and green beams, you might be confused about which model on the market is the proper one for you. So, in this section, we would like to show you two products from different brands that never let you down.

#2.1 - DEWALT DW089LG 12V MAX 3 X 360 LINE LASER:


The DEWALT DW089LG is the best green beam laser level with four main highlighted features to serve the customers' expectations. First, it is the 360-degree beams project. When the tool is turned on, it produces three 360-degree planes, one vertical and two horizontal lines that are 90 degrees apart. Second, this model can have high visibility. By projecting green line lasers, these laser lines have an operating range of up to 100 feet and an accuracy of 1/8 at 30 feet.

Thirdly, it has excellent durability. Unlike most laser levels built of IP54-rated material, the DeWALT DW089LG is made of IP65-rated material. Finally, the incorporated magnetic bracket on the DeWALT cross-line laser allows users to attach the instrument to most metal surfaces, such as metal tracks, shelves, or frames.


The DeWALT DW089LG is a behemoth compared to other laser levels, despite its adaptability and powerful laser beams. It's also more expensive, putting it out of reach for do-it-yourselfers and homeowners on a budget.

#2.2 - SKIL MT 8201 - Self-leveling horizontal laser:


For many users, having several modes of operation at a laser level is always a good idea. For your indoor activities, the SKIL MT 8201 DIY laser level comes with four projection settings. Horizontal, laser cross line, vertical, and manual projects with a 120-degree fan are among the options.

Automatic out-of-level sense should alert you when the level is out of sync, allowing you to take corrective action. This Skil laser level tool has a range of 30 feet and an accuracy of 14 inches. The device also includes an easy-to-follow installation procedure that may be found in the laser level instructions.


The only shortcoming of this laser level is that it only works well in low-light situations, such as inside.

#3 - Which Laser Level Will You Buy?

If you are an engineer or contractor, the top green laser level will provide specifications that meet your expectations. However, if you buy it for small projects or DIYs, the red laser level would be the best choice for you.


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