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Clinical trial transparency tools

Below is a collection of hands-on tools and case studies that universities and other institution can use to improve their ​registration and reporting of clinical trials.

QUEST Clinical trial reporting manual for universities

This hands-on manual explains how universities can achieve regulatory compliance and attain scientific excellence. It provides step-by-step guidance throughout the entire process, including detailed instructions for managing trial registry entries, and many tips and tricks. 

QUEST clinical trial reporting manual

QUEST Clinical trial reporting workshop for universities

Complete presentations and materials of a one-day workshop for European universities. Covers policies, setup of institutional systems, and tips and tricks for managing EU and US registry entries.

QUEST clinical trial workshop

SLIDE SHOW: How to get all clinical trials reported

This presentation explains how universities can ensure that all clinical trials are registered and promptly reported. It provides step-to-step guidance on fixing the problem, and discusses key lessons learnt by other institutions.

SLIDE SHOW: How to get all clinical trials reported

University of Edinburgh

Many institutions across Europe are currently working to improve their clinical trial reporting and uploading the results of trials onto trial registries. At the University of Edinburgh in Scotland, we started this process several years ago. 

Improving clinical trial reporting case study

University of Aberdeen

This paper describes the methodology and findings of a rapid external audit of clinical trials
conducted at the University of Aberdeen, UK. The audit found that the University of Aberdeen’s trial
registration, results posting and trial registry data management practices frequently fall short of best practices in the field as defined by the World Medical Association’s Declaration of Helsinki. 

Improving clinical trial reporting case study
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