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List of all COVID-19 clinical trials - drugs, non-drug interventions and vaccines

Over 500 clinical trials of potential COVID-19 treatments and vaccines have been launched worldwide.

Here's a quick guide to getting data on who is researching what, where and when - and what they have discovered.

A more comprehensive overview is available for download below.

A living database of trials on interventions for COVID-19 focusing on aggregating evidence about the benefits and harms of different treatment options.

It uses automated data extraction, manual literature searches and expert review to continually compile and curate data from trial registries and other sources. Its focus is on interventions for the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and clinical management of COVID-19, including drug and non-drug treatments, vaccines, diagnostic procedures, and decision algorithms. The team is adding new data fields on an ongoing basis.

Cochrane COVID-19 Study Register Continually updated, annotated reference collection of human studies on COVID-19 that aims to support rapid evidence synthesis.

Can filter studies by type, design, aim, and randomisation (with numerous sub-categories).

This tracker lists all COVID-19 clinical trials and observational studies that have been registered on a WHO primary clinical trial registry or on

Data fields include trial ID number, date of registration, sponsor, recruitment status, completion date, and countries covered. The code and dataset can be downloaded.

Well-curated collection of studies and systematic reviews that collates emerging evidence, including but not limited to clinical trial results. Updated weekly,

Other resources listed in the document include:

  • Milken Institute's COVID-19 Treatment and Vaccines Tracker

  • COVID-19 R&D Data & Dashboard

  • Cochrane's COVID-19 resources

  • WHO's COVID-19 research portal

  • NLM's LitCovid literature hub

Please click on the image below to access the document.

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