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Tell the FDA to finally enforce clinical trial reporting rules. Add your name below.

The FDA is failing to enforce a law requiring clinical trial results to be made public. Currently, over 4,000 trials are missing results. This harms patients.

Student activist group Universities Allied for Essential Medicines (UAEM) has filed an excellent citizen petition with FDA asking the agency to finally take action. You can read the full petition here.

Please help UAEM to get the FDA to listen to patients, do the right thing for science, and finally enforce the law:

If you are an individual health professional

Please add your name to the letter below by Monday 23 October latest:

If you work for a patient organisation or health group

Please file a comment in support of the petition. More information here.

Thank you for your support. We’ve achieved huge progress in clinical trial reporting over the past years thanks to active engagement by people like you.

This initiative is led by UAEM and informally supported by TranspariMED. The UK-based nonprofit Consilium Scientific is coordinating the letter from individual health professionals.


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