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Free clinical trial reporting software for universities

Universities worldwide can now access a free software tool to improve their clinical trial reporting on the largest trial registry, the American

According to a press release by TrialAssure, a specialist trial disclosure company:

"Academic institutions can sign up for a TrialAssure subscription specific to this program—at no cost— allowing users free access for up to two years. TrialAssure... will ask participating academic institutions to make a commitment to transparency in research, including measured improvements to their registry compliance over a two-year period.

"With this free, limited-time academic subscription program, institutions will have up to three professional and 20 reviewer level users within the TrialAssure REGISTRY application. As always with the TrialAssure suite, subscribers will own and manage their data directly and have access to full training documentation. There is no requirement for TrialAssure colleagues to intervene or conduct any activities on behalf of the subscriber, unless the subscriber requests this assistance and facilitation."

TrialAssure staff confirmed to TranspariMED that this offer is open to all academic institutions worldwide.

The offer is valid until October 2020 only. Interested universities can sign up here.

Research by TranspariMED shows that many European universities are now working to improve their trial reporting performance on the European registry EudraCT, but anecdotal evidence suggests that their efforts do not always extend to trials registered on

A 2019 report by TranspariMED and Universities Allied for Essential Medicines showed that UK universities, which generally perform well on EudraCT, still have a very weak record of reporting results on

Disclaimer: TranspariMED has not reviewed the services on offer, and thus cannot comment on their utility. TranspariMED has no financial relationship with TrialAssure or any other commercial company.

Universities that want to improve their clinical trial reporting can also find useful slides, transparency tools and case studies on the TranspariMED website. The BiH QUEST Center in Berlin is currently developing a free clinical trial reporting manual for European universities.

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