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Video: 13 great ideas and tools to improve clinical trial reporting

Question: What happens when 13 transparency enthusiasts get together to brainstorm new and better ways to improve clinical trial registration and reporting in just 90 minutes?

Answer: A fast-paced debate full of ideas and innovative tools that have the power to really improve things.

Watch Consilium Scientific’s brainstorm on YouTube

or read the transcript.

Featuring the following 3-minute lightining talks:

Big transparency trends

Tony Keyes: Factors driving trial reporting in the US

Daniel Strech: Two-class trial transparency in Europe

New tools and approaches

Gustav Nilsonne: Combining meta-research with policy advocacy

Claire Veryard: IRSCTN trial registry transparency badges

Delwen Franzen: University performance dashboards

Maia Salholz-Hillel: Trial report cards for investigators

Elise Gamertsfelder: Assessing research funder policies

Nicholas J. DeVito: Trial Trackers - successes and limitations

Country strategies and experiences

Megan Curtin: Driving transparency in the United States

Joerg Meerpohl: Driving transparency in Germany

Matthias Briel: Driving transparency in Switzerland

Dinesh Thakur: Driving transparency in India

Florian Naudet: Driving transparency in France

More events coming up soon

Upcoming Consilum Scientific events:

  • If God Doesn't Play Dice, Should Doctors? – David Healey, 18 May

  • Pharma’s key opinion leaders: Epistemic corruption – Sergio Sismondo, 08 June

  • How research integrity and open science hang together – Lex Bouter, 22 June

  • Malignant Pharmacoeconomics: innovation and sustainability – Nathan Cherny, 31 August

Join these events live by signing up here.

TranspariMED would love to invite people working on clinical trial transparency in China, Japan or Iran to participate in future debates. If you know relevant experts or campaigners, please ask them to contact us.

The TranspariMED campaign is part of Consilium Scientific, a nonprofit that does not take industry funding. You can support TranspariMED’s work by making a donation here.


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