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Want to do a PhD on sharing and re-using clinical trial data to maximise impact?

A European research network is offering 11 PhD positions around the topic of clinical trial data sharing. Candidates can be of any nationality.

People with a masters degree in medical sciences, epidemiology, mathematics, statistics and computer science are invited to apply.

“Their research will be embedded and supported by a training programme based on theory, practice and experience. Doctoral candidates who complete the programme will know how to perform research to advance best practices for CTDS, and how to perform data sharing with a high level of professionalism. They will be able to address the following important issues: 1) enhancing public access to clinical study information, 2) reaffirming commitments to publish clinical trial results, 3) sharing results with patients who participate in clinical trials, 4) certifying procedures for sharing clinical trial information, and 5) enhancing data sharing with clinical researchers.”

“Through the involvement of a large international network of partners, SHARE-CTD will allow a profound interaction with a wide range of experts as well as problem-based interactive methods such as datathons that promote transparency, honesty and collaboration. It will prepare the candidates for a wide range of positions in academic and non-academic fields.”

Individual projects:

  1. Role of CTDS for validation of prognostic and predictive models for MS patients – Dr. Ulrich Mansmann, LMU München, Germany

  2. Impact of clinical trial data sharing – Dr. Florian Naudet, University of Rennes, France

  3. Innovative approaches to trial data anonymisation and its role for CTDS – Dr. Fabian Prasser, Charité, BIH, Germany

  4. Automated screening tools for identifying data sharing, data-re-use and common reporting problems in clinical trials – Dr. Tracey Weissberger, Charité, BIH, Germany

  5. Methodology for FAIRification, Data Enrichment and Data Sharing – Dr. Ulrich Sax, University Medical Center Göttingen, Germany

  6. Added value of meta-analyses of shared individual patient data (IPD) in mental health – Dr. Ioana-Alina Cristea, University of Padova, Italy

  7. Towards Understanding and accepting data sharing within patients – Dr. Evelyne Decullier, Hospices Civils de Lyon, France

  8. Methodology for cross-design synthesis – Dr. Valentijn de Jong, University Medical Center Utrecht, The Netherlands

  9. Using shared historic data to augment prospective clinical trials – Dr. Martin Posch, Medical University Vienna, Austria

  10. Evaluating outcome reporting bias in clinical trials – Dr. Leonhard Held, University of Zürich, Switzerland

  11. Impact of clinical trial data sharing for pivotal trials in oncology – Dr. Clara Locher, University of Rennes, France.

This is an academic research network. TranspariMED is not involved and cannot provide additional information.

Information on how to apply here:


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