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TranspariMED internships: Are you writing your masters thesis this year?

Consilium Scientific in collaboration with TranspariMED are offering unpaid summer internships. We are looking for students who are willing and able to work hard and do serious research for a good cause.

The outputs of your work will be used in our campaigning for more clinical trial results to be made public – so your work will make a real difference.

We will help you fulfil your dissertation requirements, supervise and guide your work over the summer. There is an expectation for delivering high quality work which can either be published in a peer-review journal or turned into a policy paper which can be shared with the media and decision makers.

This is a remote placement, and no office attendance will be required. Students from LMICs are strongly encouraged to apply.


  • Unreported clinical trials in one disease area

  • Unreported clinical trials in one or several institution(s)

  • Unreported clinical trials in one country

  • Clinical trial regulation in India, China, or another major non-OECD country

  • Research funder policies in the United States

During your internship, you will be engaged in ongoing activities of Consilium Scientific, working with and learning from different members of the team. Upon the completion of the internship there are likely to be opportunities to continue working (paid) with Consilium Scientific on a part time or full-time basis.

Note to readers: In January 2022, TranspariMED entered a formal partnership with London-based Consilium Scientific, a non-profit research and educational organization dedicated to informing and enacting health policy change in the UK and around the world. TranspariMED retains its programmatic and editorial independence.


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