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New network supports European institutions with clinical trial reporting

A new network is connecting clinical trial registry managers who are registering trials and uploading their results onto the European EudraCT and CTIS registries.

The peer-to-peer network links up over 200 people who are managing clinical trial data on the European registries. Members include Clinical Trial Unit managers, Research Governance managers, and trial experts at universities, hospitals and other non-profit institutions.

An emailing list enables all participants in the network to post questions, offer advice, and exchange tips and tricks for registry reporting.

The new English language network is run by the KKS Netzwerk, an association of academic clinical trial units in Germany.

The European network is loosely modelled on the American Clinical Trials Registration and Reporting Taskforce, through which registry managers are supporting each other with reporting results on the registry. The American Taskforce runs a similar peer-to-peer emailing list.

For useful resources for reporting clinical trial results, please see:

TranspariMED strongly welcomes the launch of the European network, but will not be directly involved in its operations.


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