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Promise kept: PATH monitors whether clinical trial results are made public

In 2017, some of the largest medical research funders worldwide met at the WHO and committed to ensuring that all clinical trials they fund make their results public within 12 months of trial completion.

As part of that pledge, funders promised that they would publish annual monitoring reports demonstrating that their grantees follow the rules.

Some of them – including NIHR, MRC, and Wellcome Trust – have kept their promises.

Others – notably Gates Foundation – have not.

One of the organisations that signed the WHO Joint Statement was PATH, which describes itself as “a global team of innovators working to accelerate health equity so all people and communities can thrive”.

TranspariMED was delighted to discover this in PATH’s 2021 annual report:

Well done, PATH team, for ensuring that the clinical trials you support advance science and benefit patients.

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