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Workshop on uploading clinical trial results onto EudraCT: 09 November

An online workshop will give participants the practical skills required to upload the summary results of clinical trials onto the European trial registry EudraCT.

During the two hour workshop, participants will:

  • Gain an overview of where to find help and support

  • Learn how to monitor and improve their institution’s performance on the EU Trials Tracker

  • Get step-by-step guidance on how to upload trial results onto EudraCT

  • Have the opportunity to discuss problems and solutions with colleagues

The workshop will run from 14:00-16:00 CET on Tuesday 09 November. It is open to everyone and free to attend.

According to the organisers:

“This workshop is for people who are already uploading trial results onto EudraCT, and for people who expect to upload results onto EudraCT in future. The workshop is designed to be accessible for complete beginners, but will also provide tips and tricks that experienced EudraCT users can benefit from.”

“We encourage participants to search the EU Trials Tracker for their institution’s clinical trial data, and take a look at the QUEST clinical trial reporting manual, before they join the workshop. There will be the opportunity to ask questions specific to your institution’s trials during the workshop.”

Speakers include Nick DeVito from the EU Trials Tracker, Francesca Scotti from the European Medicines Agency, and Birgit Whitman from the University of Birmingham. A panel of experts will answer questions from participants and share tips and tricks for making trial reporting easier.

The workshop is organised by BIH QUEST Center in Berlin, together with Cochrane France, the European Univeristy Hospital Alliance (EUHA) and the KKS-Netzwerk e.V.

Workshop agenda here.

Register for the workshop here.


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