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ICTRP consultation: How should clinical trial results be reported in registries?

The only failsafe mechanism to avoid non-reporting, partial reporting and late reporting of clinical trial results is to upload them onto trial registries.

The World Health Organisation recommends that every interventional trial should make its results public on a trial registry within 12 months of trial completion.

However, the 18 separate trial registries that feed data into the World Health Organisation’s global data hub ICTRP currently have very different ways of capturing data on trial results. This makes life unnecessarily difficult for everyone, from researchers and institutions entering the data to patients, doctors and scientists who use registry data.

Now ICTRP has launched a consultation on how to improve the system:

“There is substantial variation in the elements of summary results collected by trial registries. To promote harmonization, an ICTRP-led team has drafted recommendations for the minimum elements of study results that should be reported in trial registries.”

“The purpose of this consultation is to solicit feedback from stakeholders - including researchers, patients, journal editors, funders, industry sponsors, and regulators - on key components of this draft guidance.”

TranspariMED strongly encourages everyone who enters or uses registry data to participate in this important consultation.

Please help to shape the future of the global medical evidence infrastructure for many years to come.

The full list of consultation questions is here.

Submit your input here:

The deadline for submitting feedback is 11 November 2022.


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