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16 Nov 2017

Today, Britain’s NICE has recommended two new breast cancer drugs for routine funding. In a press release, NICE explained that:

“There are around 45,000 new diagnosis of breast cancer each year in England and it is estimated that around 8,000 of these people would be eligible for treatment with either palbociclib or ribociclib.”

However, the full benefits and...

15 Nov 2017

Several years after the Ebola outbreak, much medical knowledge about the disease remains inaccessible. This heightens the risk of a future Ebola outbreak - and of emerging pandemics generally - spinning out of control.

The world’s largest database of clinical trials,, lists 35 completed Ebola trials. Not a single one has posted a summary of its results onto th...

9 Nov 2017

Britain’s parliamentary Science and Technology Committee is currently conducting an enquiry into research integrity. At the end of the enquiry, the committee will issue a report setting out recommendations for the government.

This presents a unique opportunity to take a huge step towards solving the well-documented problem of reporting bias, evidence distortion and research wast...

5 Oct 2017

HealthWatch UK, Universities Allied for Essential Medicines UK, and TranspariMED today jointly called on the British government to set up a national audit system to monitor all clinical trials conducted in the country. 

  • The audit system would monitor the registration, summary results posting and academic publication of every trial conducted in the UK.

  • A pilot has proven...

11 Sep 2017

TranspariMED's recent study showed that many UK universities do not understand their obligations related to registering and reporting clinical trials. High time to debunk some common myths and misunderstandings.


Following further communications with UK universities and feedback from European UAEM activists, two more common myths need debunking:

MYTH +...

10 Sep 2017

In an effort to combat research waste and speed up the discovery of new drugs, medical research funders recently pledged to cut off funding to grantees who fail to meet basic transparency standards. To date, over a dozen funders, including heavy hitters like the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the Wellcome Trust, have signed a joint statement demanding that their grantees p...

17 Aug 2017

The top 16 medical universities in the UK have only posted results for 5.8% of their clinical trials, a study released today by TranspariMED shows. Out of a total of 3,540 trials conducted, only 206 have posted results. The results of the remaining 3,334 trials are difficult or impossible to find. Failure to register and report clinical trials harms patients, wastes NHS resourc...

22 Jul 2017

A joint investigation by TranspariMED and the Bristol Cable shows that the University of Bristol has not posted summary results for a single clinical trial onto registries. On the main European trial registry, the university is listed as the sponsor of 14 drug trials involving over 1,600 healthy volunteers and patients. Three trials that ended in 2009, 2011 and early 2016 have...

20 Jun 2017

Calls for greater clinical trials transparency are getting louder. But who is calling for what, exactly? TranspariMED is currently compiling a list of global standards set by various organizations, groups and bodies.

Each standard is assessed against the three key demands of the AllTrials campaign:  

  1. trial registration

  2. results posting on trial registries

  3. full t...

21 May 2017

The University of Aberdeen has pledged to conduct a review after an investigation revealed that the results of its medical research often remain inaccessible to doctors and patients. The investigation by TranspariMED, a Bristol-based initiative advocating for more transparency in medical research, shows that at least 20 clinical trials conducted at the university have not prere...

8 May 2017

New study documents how the lack of clinical trials transparency harms patients, taxpayers and investors, based on six in-depth case studies.

28 Mar 2017

The University of Aberdeen’s clinical trial policies require the summary results of some clinical trials to be posted on a registry within 12 months of trial end. However, the policy only covers some types of trials, and the university fails to assume responsibility for auditing staff compliance and publishing audit results.


Clear and time-bound results posting policy:


27 Mar 2017

What practical steps can the UK take to make evidence-based medicine a reality? How can we get all clinical trials registered and fully and accurately reported?

17 Mar 2017

The OECD has launched a consultation on access to innovative pharmaceuticals and sustainability of pharmaceutical spending.

The OECD seeks submissions that respond to one or more the following questions: 

  1. Reflecting on the last 5-10 years, what do you think have been the major changes affecting access to medicines?

  2. What are the top three issues that must be addressed to...

16 Mar 2017

Britain’s National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) has the strongest policies to reduce research waste, an assessment of major health funding agencies worldwide has found.

On the positive side, all funding agencies covered require registration of clinical trials before recruitment of patients. In contrast, “only six of the 11 funding agencies are explicit that they require...

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